Our Initiatives: Advocacy

 An Act Relative to Pesticides

This legislation would monitor and reduce the use of Second Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides (SGARs) in Massachusetts to protect our wildlife and pets.

 Old Growth Forest Protection

Now is our chance to save the remaining old growth forests in Massachusetts. A bill to protect old growth forests on state lands is on the move in our state legislature.

 Solar Siting

As the Commonwealth of Massachusetts addresses climate change through renewable energy development and other strategies, AMC and partners have urged Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) to identify areas where solar development should be avoided and encouraged.

 Waters and Rivers Protection Fund

The Waters and Rivers Protection Fund invests in projects, identified by AMC Chapters or other organizations, that will aid in expanding paddling opportunities. To date, AMC has donated money to six projects, including a modern privy along the Connecticut River used by paddlers doing multi-day excursions, and debris removal on the Wood and Pawcatuck Wild and Scenic Rivers in Rhode Island.
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