Group of hikers
Quote: Canal walk
Child viewing StoryWalk board
Group of cyclists
Quote: I'm grateful for AMC's opportunities
A.T. maintainer
Hiker looking out over a cliff
Quote: it was beautiful on the ridge
Winter hiker
Kayak near a lake
Quote: the leader knew all the trails
Children at Noble View
Quote: I had never seen a wild porcupine before
Woman rock climbing
Quote: I'm replacing a sani-can
Child in a field of flowers
Quote: I love hiking the A.T.
Tree at sunset
Group shot of hikers on Mount Tom
Cyclists pose for a photo op
Hiker in winter
Woman canoeing
Quote: seeing the different apps folks use
Quote: great hike today with nice people
Climber on an ice cliff
Quote: A lot of improvements
Woman hiking with a dog
Quote: the history of the area
A.T. maintainers
Winter hikers
AMC mug
Quote: I loved how we all hiked together
Workshop participants pose for a group photo
Quote: my world opened up
Two hikers at Noble View
Hiker at the summit
Quabbin reservoir in winter
Quote: this is my first AMC hike
Group of hikers
Quote: what a superb day today
A.T. crew repairing a boardwalk
Quote: how to control ticks
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