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Our website and its navigation are organized around AMC's mission to protect and enjoy the outdoors, while embracing a welcoming and accessible environment (see the top navigation items for engagement, recreation, and protection. Level 2 pages – accessed via navigation dropdowns – show what our chapter does to support AMC's mission and the experiences and resources we offer to the communities of western Massachusetts. We also use color to tie things together: pink is engagment, green is recreation, and gold is protection.

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    • Chapter Activities »
      AMC offers over 8,000 trips each year, from local chapter activities to major excursions worldwide, for every ability level and outdoor interest. Nearly 300 of these trips are led by Western MA volunteers.
    • AMC Destinations »
      We serve more than 140,000 guests each year at our AMC lodges, huts, full-service camps, cabins, shelters and campgrounds. In Massachusetts, the Western MA Chapter supports activities at the Noble View Outdoor Center and maintains a number of shelters and campsites on the Appalachian Trail.
    • Member Favorites »
      Interactive maps of favorite destinations compiled by Chapter members for outdoor activities.
    • Walking the New England Trail in the Pioneer Valley »
      Join Patrick Henry, NET Section 5 Trail Adopter, as he walks the NET in the Pioneer Valley.
    • Families Outdoors »
      Our all-inclusive programming makes planning family outings and vacations easy.
    • Noble View Outdoor Center »
      Information on AMC's Noble View Outdoor Center.
    • Participant Comments »
      Quotes from participants who take part in our activities.
    • Weather »
      Careful planning and adequate supplies will help keep you and your party safe on the trail whatever the weather.
    • Trail Stewardship »
      From Maine to New Jersey, AMC cares for some of the Northeast's most iconic trails – more than 1,800 miles in total. The Western MA chapter is responsible for the maintenance, management, and protection of those sections of the Appalachian and New England National Scenic trails located in Massachusetts.
      • Appalachian Trail »
        The Appalachian Trail (A.T.) is a hiking trail in the eastern United States, extending almost 2,200 miles (3,540 km) between Springer Mountain in Georgia and Mount Katahdin in Maine and passing through 14 states.
      • New England Scenic Trail »
        The New England National Scenic Trail (NET) is a National Scenic Trail in southern New England, comprised primarily of the historic Mattabesett, Metacomet, and Monadnock trail system.
    • Conservation »
      The Western MA Chapter's territory includes some of the finest scenery in the state, but with this blessing comes the responsibility to manage it thoughtfully.
    • Our Initiatives »
      View the actions that support AMC's mission – from advocacy, research, and the protection of our natural world to the physical work of caring for our trails.
    • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) »
      We are committed to making outdoor recreational spaces in western Massachusetts accessible, safe and inviting to all people.
    • Leadership Training »
      We offer activity-specific leadership training to persons interested in becoming volunteer trip leaders. This makes sure our leaders are qualified and prepared for potential issues that are unique to each activity.
    • Leader Resources »
      Forms, guidance, policies, and resources for trip leaders.
    • Beginner Resources »
      Advice and resources for beginners.
    • Articles and Documents »
      View AMC articles and documents of interest to the Western MA community, as well as other publications written specifically for our chapter.
    • Interactive Learning »
      Interactive applications on the outdoors from the Western MA Communications Committee.
    • Volunteer Opportunities »
      Descriptions of the kinds of volunteer opportunities offered by AMC.
    • Volunteer Activities »
      Upcoming and ongoing volunteer activities at Western MA, which can include open committee chairs, trail work, wildlife and corridor monitoring, campsite maintenance, etc.
    • Our Volunteers »
      List of Western MA volunteers and our spotlight of the month.
    • 20s/30s »
      We offer our young members (20s/30s) and the young-at-heart activities throughout western Massachusetts and usually follow these up with an option to stop at a nearby restaurant, bar, brewery, winery, creamery, marketplace, swimming hole, or community event.
    • A.T. Management »
      The Appalachian Trail (A.T.) Management Committee is responsible for the maintenance, management, and protection of that portion of the A.T. located in Massachusetts.
    • Bicycling »
      We are experienced cyclists who enjoy social, recreational rides in the range of 15-50 miles at speeds averaging between 10-14 mph, with rest stops and optional post-ride socials. We keep the group moving, but we're not racers.
    • Communications »
      The purpose of the Communications Committee is to manage all of the print and digital media regarding the Chapter, both within the Executive Committee and outside, to members or potential members of the Chapter.
    • Conservation »
      The Conservation Committee hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including invasive plant removals, nature hikes, trash cleanups, and webinars.
    • DEI »
      The members of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee work to make outdoor recreational spaces in western Massachusetts accessible, safe and inviting to all people.
    • Executive »
      The Executive Committee is the organizing level of chapter leadership, representing all of the committees that bring AMC chapter activities and initiatives to members.
    • Family Programs »
      Our Family Programs Committee schedules activities in western Massachusetts every month throughout the year. These activities include family friendly hikes, experiential outdoor activities that teach outdoor skills and conservation concepts, seasonal crafts and games, camping, family nights and much more.
    • Hiking »
      The Hiking Committee (formerly called the Outings Committee) organizes general, non-technical events such as hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and backpacking trips.
    • Membership »
      Learn new skills. Have fun. Help protect the mountains, forests, waters, and trails of the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions. Join the Appalachian Mountain Club!
    • Mountaineering »
      Our Mountaineering Committee organizes rock climbing (sport, traditional, and multi-pitch), plus the occasional ice climbing, indoor wall climbing, or backcountry skiing trip.
    • NET Management »
      The New England Scenic Trail (NET) Management Committee oversees 98 miles of the NET in Massachusetts and 18 miles of the MMM Trail in New Hampshire.
    • Paddling »
      The Paddling Committee organizes quietwater and whitewater canoeing and kayaking trips. We love to get people on the water, and can provide instruction for new paddlers.
    • Training and Education »
      Our accessible and affordable resources, workshops, and trainings, led by a team of experienced staff and volunteers, cater to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge and skills in outdoor activities, naturalist and scientific topics, conservation advocacy, trails stewardship, and outdoor leadership.
  • ABOUT »
    • Western MA Chapter »
      The Western Massachusetts (Western MA) Chapter carries out AMC's mission in the geographic region defined by the four counties that comprise western Massachusetts, namely: Berkshire, Franklin, Hampshire, and Hampden.
    • The Western MA Exchange »
      The online newsletter of the AMC Western MA Chapter.
    • Events »
      Western MA events - other than activities - are compiled here. They include chapter outings, upcoming meetings, festivals, gatherings, and potlucks, film nights, and local meetups.
    • Media Gallery »
      Our gallery hosts favorite images and movies, gleaned from work and play.
    • Chapter Timeline »
      View our timeline of chapter events going back more than 90 years.
    • AMC Timeline »
      AMC is the oldest outdoor recreation and conservation organization in the U.S. Explore 140+ years of AMC history, from its launch in 1876 to the purchase - and protection - of Maine's ~27,000-acre Pleasant River Headwaters Forest in 2022.
    • AMC Chapters »
      AMC’s 11 chapters support the organization's mission and engage with local communities to launch people on a path of outdoor stewardship.
    • What's New on the Western MA Website »
      Chronological list of new pages, interactives, initiatives, and improvements added to the chapter website.
  • Acronyms »
    Abbreviations used on our site, usually formed from the initial letters of other words.
  • Banners »
    Our home page banners, which vary by season, with captions and photo credits.
  • Contact Us »
    Email addresses and information on who to contact for what.
  • Meetup »
    The Meetup page for the Western MA Chapter.
  • Policies »
    AMC's policies, terms and conditions, and information on internet use.
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    Enter a key word or single phrase to search our site.
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    Every purchase you make at the AMC store supports the outdoors.
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    A list of the pages and other files on our site and the relationships between them.
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