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What Am I Not Seeing? Practicing Empathy in Outdoor Leadership – and Life

AMC Staff
[24‑Mar‑2024] Leadership "all starts, or stops, with empathy. Leaders with real empathy are able to connect with those around them ... to make whatever walls may exist between people crumble and disappear." – Herb Greenberg. AMC STAFF »

Regional Day Hikes

AMC Staff
[11‑Feb‑2023] The Northeast and mid-Atlantic have a lot to offer for those seeking a rewarding day hike in their local area. Whether you're looking for a scenic waterfall to picnic by, a challenging summit to reach, or just a relaxing walk in the woods, these day hikes are worth checking out. AMC BUCKET LIST »

The New England Trail’s Next Step

[02‑Jul‑2022] For many hikers, the ideal trail is a remote trail; the farther from civilization the better. The New England National Scenic Trail (NET) is not that trail. AMC RESOURCES »

Hiking With Dogs: How to Hike Safely and Considerately

AMC Staff
[01‑Jul‑2022] Hiking with dogs takes more thought and preparation than simply starting up a trail. AMC RESOURCES »

A Nurse’s Guide to Outdoor First Aid

Julia Tortorice
[27‑Jun‑2022] At first glance, camping probably sounds like a relatively safe activity. However, being out in the wilderness has its shares of risks, and it's best to be prepared for accidents and mishaps. CEUFAST »

Three Season Hiking and Backpacking Gear List

AMC Staff
[27‑Apr‑2022] All of us aspire to travel through the mountains unencumbered, but experienced backcountry travelers and outdoor professionals understand that you need to pack essential items to manage risks, be comfortable, and have fun while on the trails. To help you prepare for your next hiking or backpacking adventure, here's a checklist of all the gear items you'll want to pack. AMC RESOURCES »

Snowshoeing 101: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

AMC Staff
[10‑Mar‑2022] Snowshoeing is a fun way to get outside during the winter – it makes traveling in deep snow easier, opening the door to year – round hikes and walks. Snowshoeing is almost as easy as walking, but even so these tips and tricks will help any beginner get started. AMC RESOURCES »

How to Choose the Right Cross-Country Skis

AMC Staff
[15‑Feb‑2022] Cross-country skiing is a passport to winter adventure. Some specialized equipment is required but getting started is pretty straightforward. So before you head to your local ski shop – and confront a potentially bewildering array of options – here are the basics you need to know about selecting skis, boots, bindings, and poles. AMC RESOURCES »

How to Set Up the Perfect Winter Backcountry Camp Site

AMC Staff
[01‑Dec‑2021] A comfortable camp can make all the difference on a winter backpacking trip. After a long, cold day on the trail, the comforts of "home" mean even more than they do in summer, and replicating elements in this setup will leave you well rested and restored. AMC RESOURCES »

A Breath of Fresh Air: 8 Hikes on the Appalachian Trail in Massachusetts

Marie-Claude Ceppi
[16‑Aug‑2021] In early August 2020, amid the necessary isolation and semi-isolation brought on by COVID-19, I was feeling anxious and blue. I needed a change of scenery and a project. I set my mind to hike the Appalachian Trail in Massachusetts from Jug End in South Egremont, Mass., to the Vermont state line in a series of day hikes. AMC RESOURCES »

Go Off-Road: Trail Running for Beginners

AMC Staff
[03‑Aug‑2021] Maybe you long to join the throngs of trail runners but have been hesitant to trade in the blacktop for rocks, roots, and single-track. The good news is that trail running resources, gear, and clubs have never been more plentiful, making now a great time to explore the sport. Here are a few basics to get you started. AMC RESOURCES »

Avoid These Common Beginner Hiking Mistakes

AMC Staff
[29‑Jul‑2021] Every hiker, whether they've summited all 48 of New Hampshire's 4000 footers or even completed the Appalachian Trail, starts out as a beginner. We've compiled a list of the most common mistakes beginner hikers make – and how to avoid them. AMC RESOURCES »

Current Affairs: Swiftwater Paddling for Beginners

AMC Staff
[22‑Jun‑2021] Advancing from quiet water to swiftwater paddling requires mastery of the proper paddling stroke. AMC RESOURCES »

8 Great Hikes in Massachusetts

John S. Burk
[21‑Jun‑2021] From the summits of the Berkshires to the sands of Cape Cod National Seashore, Massachusetts is home to a multitude of natural areas and recreational opportunities. Massachusetts has a rich tradition in land conservation and as a result contains an extensive number of trails, far more than the size of the state might imply. Whether you're looking for an easy stroll around a pond or wildlife sanctuary or for a longer hiking expedition, you'll find a choice of trails suited to all abilities. Here are eight Bay State routes to try this summer or fall. AMC RESOURCES »

The 10 Essentials: What to Pack For a Backcountry Hike

AMC Staff
[12‑Jun‑2021] Nature is unpredictable, and any outing into the backcountry can present challenges and dangers. Preparation is key to preventing and treating injuries or navigating out of a tricky situation while hiking, paddling, or climbing. Packing the 10 essentials will set you up to address most unexpected challenges you may face outdoors. AMC RESOURCES »

A State-by-State Guide to Climate Change Plans in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

Steve Holt
[15‑Feb‑2021] For New England and Mid-Atlantic states experiencing stronger and more frequent storms and hurricanes, warmer and less snowy winters, dangerously high sea levels and storm surges, and the loss of critical ecosystems, the stakes for inaction on climate change could not be higher. AMC RESOURCES »

Winter Hiking Essential Gear List

AMC Staff
[21‑Jan‑2021] Hiking in the winter demands more. More preparedness and more planning. More outdoor experience and ability, and – perhaps most easily overlooked – more time. AMC RESOURCES »

Nutrition for a Winter Hike

AMC Staff
[15‑Jan‑2021] When venturing out on a hike in the colder months, staying warm and safe with traction and proper layers are key differences from summertime adventures, but don't underestimate the importance of eating the right foods and staying hydrated to keep your body warm and fueled. AMC RESOURCES »

Backcountry Skiing for Beginners

AMC Staff
[15‑Jan‑2021] Backcountry skiing can be a breathtaking way to experience the Northeast's mountainous beauty, but beginners to the sport need to be sure they venture out with the preparation, gear, and situational awareness necessary to make it fun and safe. Follow our guide to backcountry skiing for beginners to get the most out of your first few outings. AMC RESOURCES »

Cross-Country Skiing for Beginners

AMC Staff
[08‑Jan‑2021] Cross-country skiing combines downhill skiing's fluidity, running's cardio workout, and snowshoeing's immersion in a winter landscape. And it's just as fun for beginners at it is for seasoned pros. If you're thinking about adding this sport to your winter endeavors, here's a guide to the basics of cross-country skiing – what you need to know to clip in and get gliding on the snow. AMC RESOURCES »

Snowshoeing for Beginners: How to Get Started

AMC Staff
[30‑Nov‑2020] The need to get outside and break free from our homebound life is acute this winter. If you're living in a snow-bound world or plan to drive to one, a pair of snowshoes can open up new doors of exercise, adventure, and escape. AMC RESOURCES »

New Bike 101: What to Know About Your New Ride

AMC Staff
[17‑Sep‑2020] If you've joined the throngs of new cyclists hitting the pavement, trails, and dirt roads across the country, here's a checklist of what you need to know about your new ride and how to take care of it. AMC RESOURCES »

The Great American Outdoors Act

[07‑Aug‑2020] History has been made! The Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA) was approved by the United States Senate on June 17, 2020 by an overwhelming majority vote, 73-25. READ MORE »

Appalachian Trail Volunteer Opportunities

[06‑Aug‑2020] Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Appalachian Mountain Club. For example, volunteers keep the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) well-marked and passable. Each volunteer takes responsibility for a 2-4 mile segment of the trail. READ MORE »

Mountaineering 101: The Basics for Beginners

[06‑Aug‑2020] Ever wanted to climb a mountain? This article is for beginners who don't know how to start. READ MORE »

The Women of Paddling

[19‑Jun‑2020] The Berkshire (now Western MA) is blessed to have many strong female leaders within its volunteer ranks. This year, two of our officers are women (our vice chair and our treasurer), and women lead our Bicycling, Outings, and Paddling committees. READ MORE »

History of the Northwest Cemetery

[15‑Jun‑2020] Dating back to before the 1800s, the old Northwest Cemetery is a hidden gem in the Apple Valley near Ashfield, MA. Nestled within a border of protective pine trees and surrounded by ancient stone walls, ghostly tombstones rest on the green land. READ MORE »

Where to Winter Camp in the Northeast

AMC Staff
[25‑Nov‑2019] Even if you've got the gear and have read all the books, winter camping can be intimidating. But don't give up before you start! Winter may be the best time of the year to camp, even for beginners. Campgrounds won't be overrun, and you'll have the time and space to refine your newly acquired skills. AMC RESOURCES »

10 Easy Hikes to Catch Peak Foliage in the Appalachian Region

AMC Staff
[29‑Sep‑2019] Peak foliage, when leaves are at their most vibrant and colorful, is an unfailingly beautiful time of year. Why not prolong it and chase the changing colors southbound along the Appalachian Trail, with stops along the way for easy to moderate hiking? AMC RESOURCES »

Fly-Fishing Gear for Beginners

AMC Staff
[26‑Aug‑2019] The Northeast abounds with ponds, rivers, and streams that beckon both aspiring and veteran fly-fishers alike. To get started, it's important to know the four core components of a fly-fishing rig – rod, reel, line, and flies – and how they work together to match the conditions, and the fish, you expect to encounter. AMC RESOURCES »

Hike to the High Point in 8 Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern States

Lily Hartman »
Read time: 4 minutes
[26‑Aug‑2019] Ranging from as low as 448 feet (Delaware) to 6,288 feet (New Hampshire), high points – or the location with the highest elevation in each state – in AMC's region vary greatly. Whether you're looking for a challenging day hike or want to see geology in action, these hikes provide a unique bird's-eye view of each state. AMC RESOURCES »

The Best Climbing Gear for Beginner Rock Climbers

AMC Staff
[29‑May‑2019] Rock climbing can be an exhilarating adventure into the vertical realm. It can also be intimidating, given all of the gear and lingo that comes with it. Just as you'll want to learn climbing skills from the ground up, it's helpful to get acquainted with the basic equipment you'll need. AMC RESOURCES »

Intro to Whitewater: An AMC Trip Leader Wants to Run a River With You

AMC Staff
[29‑May‑2019] Like skiing, whitewater paddling has a learning curve. You need instruction to get started safely and lots of practice to become proficient. But once you have the skills, you can attain Zen-like focus in a turbulent world. AMC RESOURCES »

Couch to 4K: Hiking N.H.’s 4000 Footers for Beginners

AMC Staff
[27‑Feb‑2019] Conquer the incredible feat of hiking one of N.H.'s 48 4000 footers using an AMC training regimen that starts small. AMC RESOURCES »

Don’t Miss The Boat: Stand-Up Paddleboarding for Beginners

AMC Staff
[23‑Feb‑2018] Dip a toe into stand-up paddleboarding with these basic skills for beginners, including standing and kneeling. AMC RESOURCES »

Skiing with Dogs: An Introduction to Skijoring

AMC Staff
[29‑Jan‑2018] If you can cross-country ski and you have a willing canine collaborator, you can skijor. But as with all outdoor pursuits, there's varied gear, training strategies, and techniques to consider. AMC RESOURCES »

3 Great Spring Hiking Destinations in Massachusetts

[18‑Apr‑2017] Warm weather has arrived after an unusually cold and snowy March. Which means you are probably itching to get out and go hiking. Here are three of my favorite spring hiking destinations in southern New England, plus a few other recommendations to get you started. AMC RESOURCES »

8 Blue-Blazed Snowshoe Hikes off the Appalachian Trail

AMC Staff
[23‑Dec‑2016] The Appalachian Trail cuts an iconic, white-blazed path along the eastern United States, but did you know those 2,190 miles are the spine of a far more complex trail system? Thousands of miles of blue-blazed side trails add to a network offering some of the region's best hiking in any season. Strap on your snowshoes: Here are eight blue-blazed hikes to enjoy this winter. AMC RESOURCES »

18 Fall Foliage Hikes and Bikes

AMC Staff
[27‑Sep‑2016] When you think of Northeastern landscapes, you might picture Acadia's iconic coastline or the Appalachian Mountains' namesake trail. But come fall, pretty much every view takes a backseat to the explosion of fiery foliage that defines the region. Whether you're hiking above treeline or pedaling beneath the canopy, visit these 18 places to appreciate autumn's sweeping panorama by foot or by bike. AMC RESOURCES »

Backcountry Shelters and Camping on Mount Greylock’s Western Slopes

AMC Staff
[15‑Aug‑2016] At 3,491 feet, Mount Greylock is the highest mountain in Massachusetts. It is also a delightful destination if you're looking for a short overnight backpacking adventure. AMC RESOURCES »

Rail Trail Roundup: The Best Tracks-Turned-Bike-Paths in the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic

AMC Staff
[25‑May‑2016] During the 19th century, railroads crisscrossed America, connecting goods, provisions, and passengers to previously inaccessible parts of the country. Although railroads no longer dominate domestic travel, thousands of miles of old routes have found new life, repurposed as multiuse recreational paths for cyclists, pedestrians, and others. AMC RESOURCES »

Replacement Bike Tires: A Buyers Guide

AMC Staff
[14‑Mar‑2016] Understanding the basics of tire sizing, tread selection, and a few other common features will help you choose wisely when it comes time to shop for replacement tires. AMC RESOURCES »

The Ups and Downs of Telemark Skiing: 5 Reasons Why You Should Give It a Try

AMC Staff
[21‑Dec‑2015] No matter whether you're an accomplished alpine skier who admires the elegance of telemark, a skinny-ski aficionado looking to safely ski steeper slopes, or a complete newbie who'd like to look forward to winter for once, my first piece of advice is: Try telemark. My second piece of advice is: You'll have more fun if you learn from my mistakes. AMC RESOURCES »

Where to Snowshoe on the Appalachian Trail

AMC Staff
[04‑Nov‑2015] The Appalachian Trail beckons every month of the year: Once the thru-hikers have completed their journeys and the day-hikers have dispersed, the winter warriors break out their snowshoes. These eight hikes on America's most famous trail are even more spectacular when the powder begins to pile up. AMC RESOURCES »

How to Choose a Camping Stove

AMC Staff
[18‑Jun‑2015] Hot food. Hot drinks. Hot coffee. Yum. To enjoy any of these in the backcountry, you're going to need a stove, of which there are three fundamental types: canister, alcohol, and liquid fuel. Which one is right for you? Your backpacking style and needs will help you decide. AMC RESOURCES »

Warm Winter’s Night: A Guide to Winter Camping

AMC Staff
[08‑Dec‑2014] Whether you're an accomplished four-season adventurer or a first-time winter camper, this play-by-play of the recommended process and gear for establishing camp will help you get the warmest fun, deepest satisfaction, and coziest experience out of your overnight foray into winter. AMC RESOURCES »

Get a Grip: Crampons and Other Winter Traction Options

AMC Staff
[17‑Nov‑2014] Ah, winter: Season of outdoor thrills and potentially butt-crunching spills. When snow and ice create dangerous conditions underfoot – from city sidewalks to rugged mountain trails – adding a winter traction system to your footwear will provide the grip you need to stay safely upright. AMC RESOURCES »

In Land We Trust: A History of AMC Land Protection

Marc Chalufour
[22‑Oct‑2014] Dear Mr. Mann – I have in my head a scheme for an attempt at preserving some of the finest bits of Nature near Boston. I want, if possible, to interest you... AMC RESOURCES »

Fine Foliage Hikes

AMC Staff
[19‑Sep‑2014] In northern New England, leaves begin to change from green to bright orange and yellow in mid-September. At first, only a few trees seem to realize autumn is arriving. Then, suddenly, the mountains transform into a kaleidoscope of colors, which spread down the mountains of New England into the mid-Atlantic. Here are a few trails where you can immerse yourself in the finest foliage hikes in the region. AMC RESOURCES »

Carry in Comfort: How to Fit a Backpack

AMC Staff
[14‑Apr‑2014] When it comes to choosing a multiday backpack, forget about pockets, zippers, ventilation, access panels, materials, color, and any other number of design elements. Focus instead on the single most important feature: a good fit. AMC RESOURCES »

Hiking Boots vs Trail Runners: Best Footwear for the Backcountry

AMC Staff
[10‑Jun‑2013] Hiking boots vs trail runners: Each has its strengths and weaknesses, depending on the intended use. AMC RESOURCES »

How to Choose Climbing Shoes

AMC Staff
[26‑May‑2011] Not all climbing shoes are created equal. Make sure you find one that fits your foot shape and complements your skill level. AMC RESOURCES »

New England Cross-Country Ski Areas: Online Resources

Matt Heid »
Read time: 2 minutes
[28‑Nov‑2010] As an avid skate skier, I have been closely following the imminent arrival of winter, snow, and miles of beautifully groomed cross-country ski trails. Here are a few of the online resources I use to keep tabs on cross-country, or Nordic, ski centers across the region. AMC RESOURCES »

Mountaineering Pioneers of the Berkshires

Alpine Club of Williamstown
[01‑Jan‑2010] Professor Albert Hopkins of Williams College did not climb with the same spring in his step that he once had. But at the age of 57, he could still hold his own on the trail as he led seventeen young men and women up Mount Greylock, which loomed above them like some ancient emerald shoulder jutting above the gentle hills of the northern Berkshires. AMC RESOURCES »
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