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AMC could not function without its thousands of volunteers, from Executive Committee members in each chapter, to activity leaders, trail maintainers, and conservation advocates. In our Western MA Chapter, the A.T. Committee alone has 200 volunteers. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the volunteers who make our chapter great. It, literally, would not exist without them.

2023 Most Valuable Leaders

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We would like to congratulate all of the Most Valuable Leaders (MVLs) of 2023 who were recognized at the Annual Business Meeting on November 2nd. We appreciate each and every volunteer who makes a contribution to our Chapter, whether they are leading outings, joining one of our conservation projects, maintaining trails, or serving on our Executive Committee.

The MVLs were chosen by their respective committee as someone who especially stood out this year in their volunteer efforts. Please take a moment to read about this year's MVLs and their contributions to the Chapter's purpose and AMC mission. Special mentions go to Robert Cherdack, Conservation Chair; Jeannette Pierce, Communications Chair; and Lisa Taylor, Webmaster.

Western MA Chapter Volunteers

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Link to more informationCarly Cavanaugh
Carly Cavanaugh
Link to more informationMary Therese Durr
Mary Therese Durr
Link to more informationPaul Glazebrook
Paul Glazebrook
Link to more informationAdam Jasionkowski
Adam Jasionkowski
Link to more informationJan Alicia Nettler
Jan Alicia Nettler
Link to more informationJeannette Pierce
Jeannette Pierce
Link to more informationDawne Piers-Gamble
Dawne Piers-Gamble
Link to more informationCliff Prewencki
Cliff Prewencki
Link to more informationLaura Stinnette
Laura Stinnette
Link to more informationDebra Weisenstein
Debra Weisenstein
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