River Cleanups Gallery

Images: 40 | Source: Heather Wyman
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Sign board: River Cleanup
Woman raking trash
Man hauling trashbags
Pile of trash
Two men carrying a tarp full Aof trash
An abandoned tent falling into disrepair
A man approaches a trash heap
A pile of trash mixed with fallen leaves
A woman holding a commode
A man wheeling a wheelbarrow
A woman holding a shoe
Workers clearing trash from an abandoned campsite
A man pretending to strum a broken guitar
Cleanup crew
A man holding a shoe
Two men clearing trash from an abandoned campsite
A man holding a shoe
Trash heap
Trash heap
A cleanup crew stands before a pile of trash
Signup table for the Westfield River Watershed Association cleanup day
I got dirty for clean rivers cleanup cloth
A woman collects trash along a river
Supplies arranged on a table
Two women removing trash from the edge of the river
Workers walking along the edge of the river
Trash heap
A young boy holding trash bags
A man carrying a tarp
A small bulldozer piles up trash
An abandoned phone
Cleanup crew
An underground storage bin
Trash heap
Workers sort trash by the road
A woman walking along a trail collecting trash
Workers sort trash along the side of the road
A man standing beside bagged trash
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