The Awesomeness of Volunteer Power

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Trailside cleanup crew
Heather Wyman (Conservation Committee) and Pat Henry (NET Management Committee) work with other volunteers to clean up trash at the NET Section 5 trailhead in Holyoke, MA.
Trailside cleanup crew
Heather Wyman (Conservation Committee) and Pat Henry (NET Management Committee) work with other volunteers to clean up trash at the NET Section 5 trailhead in Holyoke, MA.
"Every day is Earth Day." How can it be otherwise? It's our home! I'm grateful that we have a day designated every year to remind us, and to get us out to contribute to prevention and remediation of anything affecting the health of our planet home. And it really feels like National Volunteer Week goes so well with Earth Day and creates a theme of all of us, as individuals and groups, taking responsibility for making a difference in this wondrous Pale Blue Dot (thank you, NASA and Carl Sagan).
Volunteers involved in direct conservation actions, as well as activity volunteers who help connect people with the environment and volunteers who otherwise keep the Chapter running, make up the heart of Earth-love everywhere. This edition of our newsletter really puts forward the true "awe"someness of volunteer power. Read on to immerse in this phenomenon of inspiration. Happy Earth Day! Diane Jones, Western MA Chapter Chair

Happy National Volunteer Week!

Volunteers spread hope and inspire so many
Every year since 1974, the country has celebrated volunteers during the fourth week in April. Did you know that our Chapter is run exclusively by volunteers? From Executive Committee members, to activity leaders, to trail maintainers, our Chapter would literally not exist if it were not for the hundreds of people who donate their time to keep the Chapter active and vibrant. We want to express our deep gratitude for every one of the volunteers who have donated countless hours over the past year to share their skills, experience, and passion for the outdoors with us!
President Biden, in his annual proclamation on National Volunteer Week, stated, "During National Volunteer Week, we remember that even one act of service — big or small — can make a difference. Volunteers spread hope and, in the process, inspire so many to give back to their communities. I encourage everyone to look for ways to volunteer in their own communities, show up for one another, and step up for those in need."
If you would like to find ways to get involved, check out the volunteer page on our website. There you will meet some of our volunteers and learn about the different types of volunteer opportunities available.

Hiking Chair Wanted - Is This You?

Gain the satisfaction of facilitating outdoor discovery and exploration
We have a wonderful opportunity for an enthusiastic hiker who wants to share their passion and experience with others as the Hiking Chair on our Executive Committee. The volunteer role of the Hiking Chair is to support leaders in offering a variety of hikes to AMC members and other participants, with a safe, fun, inclusive, and welcoming approach.
The Hiking Chair is also a full participant on the Chapter Executive Committee, supporting the programs that help nature lovers in western Massachusetts Be Outdoors!
The main qualifications of this role include:
  • Become an AMC member
  • Take hike leader training provided by our Chapter
  • Be friendly, welcoming, and capable of working with a diverse group of people
  • Be an organized and effective communicator
  • Have and effectively utilize computer/internet
  • Be an enthusiastic promoter of the AMC and Western MA Chapter
Curious? Drop us a line at for more information and/or to share your interest, or visit our volunteer activities page for more information. We look forward to welcoming you! Learn why we do what we do, and gain the satisfaction of facilitating outdoor discovery and exploration.

Earth Day

Creating opportunities to clean up the environment
Even though Earth Day was this past Monday, we want to use this opportunity to tell you how we celebrate Earth Day all year and ways that you can get involved.
The first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 was created by Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin, following a series of devastating disasters. Over 20 million people participated throughout the country, bringing much needed attention to the harmful effects of weed killers, oil spills, carbon emissions, excessive trash, and harmful chemicals.
Here in the Western MA Chapter, we have a Conservation Committee that is dedicated to creating opportunities for folks to help clean up the environment, clear out invasive species, or learn how to support legislation that protects our environment. Learn about an ongoing initiative - the Westfield River Waterfront Cleanup, and other initiatives that we are supporting.
Please join us as we work year round to support the AMC mission to "foster the protection, enjoyment and understanding of the outdoors". Learn more about the Conservation Committee's initiatives and upcoming activities on their committee page.
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